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The reasons why this project will be a success.

·       The strength of all the "products/matches" which play a key role in my project

·       the subject of migration is of all times and continents, and certainly in the USA given the identity sensitivity of the Americans. The Red Star Line stories and the beautiful, sometimes poignant, archive images leave no one to remain indifferent. 

·         The city of Antwerp which is now really superhot in the USA and more fashionable than ever. (see articles in the New York Times and the popularity of Belgian products in the USA).

The city’s 5 Aces (art and culture/it’s port/being the Worlds Diamond Capital /trendy fashion/Burgundian way of life) attract the Americans greatly. 

·       Belgian Beer as topquality product and the strong position of the Belgian breweries have rightly acquired in the US market.  The original and certainly successful world record attempt on 5 april 2013 to toast over the ocean and the involvement of everyone (Inhabitants of Antwerp and all Americans) who know how to enjoy a Belgian beer occasionally .

·        The story about myself: a (not so) young man (the son of an immigrant) who at some point in his life starts chasing his dream. He (once a former Beer King, pub owner and part time actor in Antwerp) goes to his new friends, girlfriend and new country and brings  the beautiful things (gifts)from his old country.     

·       The tour of the USA where you have the chance to play and work on the local media city by city and therefore involve all the locals again and again in the whole thing. In each city, the press and media will be informed by means of a press-conference / vision of the movie–. Also the visibility and presence of the day activity (with a moving truck and a RV ) in several urban centres is to ensure that there is a great part of the population will be informed.

·        The quality of the presentation/movie (will really be top quality ) famous directors , the motivation and professionalism of the whole team and myself, and the whole story (emotions<> feel good ) that I am bringing in the USA , make this project unique and will ensure that the Americans will keep the project in their hearts and minds.





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