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my story :

Working weekends in catering and restaurants since I was 15 to support myself and my grandparents in raising and funding the studies of my little-self.

Studied marketing in Antwerp and got sucked into bar- and nightlife first as a Dj and waiter, later as manager and owner.

Started acting in Movies ,Theatre & Television in 1993.


Went to the USA in for the first time in 1990 to visit "Lauren" one of my soulmates for life, in Washington DC and I am still visiting her and the USA (at least once yearly for Burning Man) and made very intense friendships ( "as close as family") over there.


After 25 years of living and working in the beautiful city of Antwerp, I need some new & frech air, a new challenge in        life,  ...... and to see my friends more often because I miss them .

(a lot).


 I need help !



For more then a year now I am trying (on my own) to make this project work and made contact with several interested partners & sponsors.

This is not always easy :


=> Gouvermental support is baed on politics and trying to stay independent and correct on that issue isn't the most evident choice in Antwerp, Flanders and Belgium.


=> The Belgian Brewery scene is divided in Two major and large multinational companies and other, smaller,more local family owned and managed breweries, all trying to defend and expand there position on the growing export-market of Belgian Beer worldwide. Which makes all kind of cooperation between them harder and so easier on a smaller, local and exclusive scale. For a month now the Belgian Family Brewers looks more energetic then ever before, So there is some good hope over there.


=> Charity work for the less fortunate (where ever they are), culture, tourisme and commercial goals are not yet obviously related to same group of people or market.


So,......If you think,   you can help me out


 with any part of the realisation of my dream of touring the USA (on any scale) and promoting my home city & country and it's Burgundic Goodies

please mail me : dream@belgianbeerday.com

 and I am sure we can work something out.
















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